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About Us

I have been keeping Labrador Retrievers since I was a young girl back in the 1970's. My dad was a policeman and he brought my first Labrador home from the police station, we called him Major, I loved him to bits and fell in love with the breed.

Since I got married in 1981 my husband and I have kept a number of
Labradors. Our first one was a dog called Guy who we got in 1983 just before my daughter was born, since then we have had Ria and Teal, who have both sadly passed away now.

As we have gained experience and the children got older we added more
Labradors to the family, we now have four girls living with us Tara, Tia, Myrtle and Dora. Each Labrador who comes into my house is treat as part of the family and is spoiled rotten with love and attention. We bought Tara and Tia from Rhodenash Labradors; both of them are black Labradors. I knew when I bought Tia that I would breed from her once she was old enough and I always intended to keep a puppy from her. I spoke to Kath at Rhodenash and she put me in touch with Noelene Dodd from Eneleon Labradors, after looking through the pedigrees we decided to mate Tia with Drum (Eneleon Loch Morrie). Tia had a mixed litter of black and yellows, we chose our puppy from the litter and named her Myrtle a yellow bitch. As we didnít have a kennel name at that point she was called Kenmilleven Luna. I started to show Myrtle and she eventually qualified for Crufts 2008, I enjoyed going to shows although Noelene handled Myrtle in the ring. Once Myrtle was old enough Noelene suggested I contact Marion at Rocheby to have her mated. After speaking with Marion we decided to put Myrtle to Rocheby State Occasion. We kept a yellow bitch from the litter and called her Dora (Deniangill Moonlight).



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